During these uncertain times, holistic health is coming to the forefront of well-being and how to manage the busy demands of modern life.
It is with great commitment and cares we offer you the chance to have an informative, experiential and connected experience that will also provide a 60-hour Thai massage certification if you desire to embrace your own journey as a therapist or simply to know your own body better.
A full-board all inclusive accommodation,
6hrs/day high-quality Thai massage training for complete beginners, repeaters, or other body-work therapists,
including four quality training manuals, printed and pdf,
accompanied with a holistic all day life-changing experience including vipassana meditation, yoga, tai chi, swimming.
We welcome all of those curious to learn with an open heart, from singles to couples, in particular, this is a great way to reconnect with your partner and share a skill and experience that will deepen your interconnectedness to one other.
We also accept families as we have a quality interactive childcare program to support your learning experience on-site.
The 10-day training program has been carefully designed and considered to give you the best possible learning experience but also a chance to go inwards and take time out from daily stresses.
To digest this experience fully we believe in noble silence between the hours of 23.00 – 9.00 am
as a time to dedicate to yourself with less distraction and noise.
Whether you’re considering a career change or simply looking to improve your skills,
our Fundamentals Thai Massage Training Course offers everything you need and more.
Thai massage is a traditional healing system combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles
and assisted yoga postures that provide scientifically proven benefits.
The power of touch is indisputable to our overall well-being and if done with correct intention and compassion can lead to potential release and healing. As a therapist, it is with this awareness that we learn to give and make the difference. Maybe you are not interested in becoming a therapist but instead, want to take the journey of self-healing through awareness of feeling your body and emotions more fully.
Wherever you are, this course will start you on your own personal journey.
Thai yoga massage is an ancient healing technique that will allow you to work with your heart and soul, not just your hands by becoming more sensitive to energy, more intuitive, kinder, and empathetic.
The planet right now needs these qualities in abundance so come and contribute to the wellness circle of life and dance the flow of movement, touch, and intention.
Learn, flow, and let go. We are here to get you started.
We believe in supporting the development and education of parents with our high-quality childcare service.
The program is designed to support you whilst you learn and
give you freedom and peace of mind to know your children are receiving the best care.
The experienced team will ensure that your children will gain quality attention, a life-memory summer holiday with the family,
meeting new friends, living for 10 Days the ultimate learning experience using agile learning to help with the development stages of each child in a completely safe environment

Hello! I am Nektaria. I have started my teaching journey of Thai Massage seven years ago, already teaching yoga for a decade, and being in paidagogists studies & practice the last twenty years.

I feel an ongoing student for life, returning to my worldwide known teachers (Ajran Pichest & Ajran Sinchai certified trainer) every year in Thailand, deepening the knowledge and feeling of ThaiMedicine, including the ThaiMassage practice and nutritional and herbal medicine education.
I have over 2500 hours of certified training my self and I am entitled to teach internationally 630hours of
Therapeutic Thai Massage.
My wish for the training is to create space into our hearts and hands, enhance students into feeling the body as a whole with the mind and soul and start deepening the connection between.