Yoga, Spa, Healing and Relaxation

5 Days Yoga, Wellness & Healing Retreat in Zakynthos

This is a unique healing retreat because within, in this short period you will learn about healthy habits that can change your life, you will learn how to change old limiting beliefs to new benefits to you and observe dramatic changes in your everyday life. You will learn how to rejuvenate your body and how to program your mind to achieve your goals and cherish the best version of you! Do you face challenges in your everyday life, in your health, in your work, or in your relationships? This retreat is a great opportunity to change physically and emotionally and Zante Fitness will give you the basic knowledge to begin your journey to health and happiness, you will leave rejuvenated and cultivated, a new person!

This retreat program has a holistic approach and target on the physical , emotional and energy body. The program is great for aged person, for person with depression or anxiety, for person who needs burnout recovery or a serious restart in their lifes, for person who needs just to relax and whant to experience deep therapeutic results.


whats included

Thematic Yoga workshops that targets to specific functions of the human body, with healing results.

Personalized energy healing session, you can choose between Biohealing, Reiki, Theta healing.

Thalassotherapy excursion.

Mindfull walk.

Wellness Program (includes the usage of Hammam, Sauna, Heated Jacuzzi & Tropical Rain)the spa facility & a Massage..

Hippocratic detoxification.

Snack at the gym coffee or tea cereal bar and fruits

Excursion to see the best sunset of the island & Sunset Yoga

Daily Yoga & Group energy healing

4 nights all inclusive 4star accommodation




JULY 14 2022
OCTOBER 13 2022
MAY 11 2023
JUNE 7 2023
JULY 13 2023

1 person private room ⇒ 850€

*There are double & triple rooms available please ask for prices


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