Train anywhere in the island

Zantefitness is the top coaching team of the island! All the famous visitors, celebrities and athletes have been trained under our supervision. Our Trainers will help you to maintain your physique and overall health or even improve your perfomamce. You can book a one to one private session or group session at your holiday home. A trainer will come to you! Either you staying in a villa or in a Yatch the trainer will come the day and time of your choice. The trainer will bring all the needed equipment for your personalized workout.


Only you and the coach at a personalized private training. Including cardiotraining, strenght training, crosstraining, boxing, sports training, pilates or yoga.

Duration 60′ – 90′


Electrostimulation training technology is the best holiday training because one single session is equal to three simple training sessions. You will gain time and efford if you choose this personal training option.

Duration 20′ – 30′

Group training

A group exercise training is a fun activity for all. Our group training programs have a holistic approach that effects your body and soul.

Duration 60′ – 90′