Red Beetroot, ginger and lemon smoothie on wooden Background. homemade detox drinks

Hippocratic detoxification program


Product Description

The original ancient Greek detoxification program of Hippocrates. This detoxification is suggesting for every person who want to detox the body and mind. Hippocrates find out that the human being must be considered in his physical, mental and emotional wholeness. To cure any disease, Hippocrates says that one must begin with a detoxification cure in order to stimulate the elimination of the “vitiated humours” (Hippocrates’ expression) causing the diseases.

The program can last 1-3weeks and repeated twice or more times during a year. Including raw food, juises, soups and herbs this program is a secret recipy of natural cleaning sources that nature provide us.

An important part of this program is holism, including meditation soft cardio exercise , possitive thoughts, alternative home therapies with water ,salts and other wellness natural products this is the ultimate holistic detoxification program!

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