A “Zante Fitness” Retreat is a unique physical & spiritual experience, a Holistic transformation of your self in Greece.
Our retreats are designed to teach you a healthy and fit lifestyle, inspired by the ancient Greek way of living “kalokagathia” A platonic teaching based on philosophy of a bodily, moral and spiritual whole.

Give a gift to yourself and join the most complete retreat programs including indoor & outdoor activities, healthy tips and meditation.

Come to learn new skills, to find out your limits, to replace your habits with new healthy habits, to detox your body from toxins and negative thoughts, to find your balance to relax or even to heal your body & soul.

“It is shameful and unfair for a human being to grow old without ever having seen the beauty and power for which his body is capable.”


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

6 Days “oss“ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Camp in Greece

This is an adventure camp for those who like martial arts or want to learn martial arts.


Theta Healing® DΝΑ – Training – Yoga

8Days Theta Healing® DΝΑ Basic & Advanced Training and Yoga Retreat

This is a unique healing retreat because within, a short time you will learn how to change your old limiting beliefs to new beneficial to you and observe dramatic changes in your every day life.


Yoga Holiday

6 Days Re-Boost Fitness Retreat with Yoga

Zante Fitness invites you to join this unique retreat specially designed for you to feel fitter and healthier. This retreat will enable you to enjoy beautiful moments in nature, fun activities, and effective workouts.


Detox, Aerial & SUP Yoga

6 Days Detox Beach Yoga, Aerial Yoga & SUP Yoga Holiday in Zakynthos

Holistic yoga, Pilates and personal training. This retreat is a personalized retreat in a very beautiful accommodation which include a spa & beauty salon with skin and body therapies & massage.