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Healthy Living

A ZanteFitness Retreat is a holistic experience. A new fitness lifestyle idea.

Enjoy our Retreats, Bjj camps and teacher trainings!



Gravity Exercise Studio

Stay “fit” during your holidays come to GravityGym for the ultimate fitness experience!

Join a Day training, a Brazilian jiu jitsu class or book a Personal training.



Adventure Activities

Need some adventure and exploration?

Join a SUP activity, a Cultural trail, Mindfull walking, or a Coastering run.

We will saw you all the secret spots of the island.



Socrates said,

“It is shameful and unfair for a human being to grow old without ever having seen the beauty and power for which his body is capable.“

We are a team of local passionate and athletic souls that they met together for a purpose!

Some years before we started our local buisness caled Gravity exercise studio. “Zante Fitness” Retreat is a healthy escape in Greece, a week or more of physical and mental exercise that gives you the necessary tools to upgrade your overall health and follow a fit lifestyle.

Our retreats are specially designed to teach you new skills, new habits, and new ways to stay active during your everyday life.

Give a gift to yourself and join the most complete retreat programs including, Fitness & Yoga retreats, MMA camps, Healing retreats, Multisports retreats, and  Teacher training Retreats.

Our retreats include multi-style yoga, indoor & outdoor fitness sessions, fun sports activities, healthy tips, energy healing, and meditation.

The small escapes to Ancient Greek spots and other famous attractions, the mindful walks to traditional neighborhoods, the tasty food with local ingredients, and the professional guidance from the local trainers this is what makes our retreats very popular.

Come to learn new skills, to find out your limits, to become the best version of yourself, to explore Greece, to make friends, to feel stronger and fitter, to replace your habits with new healthy habits, to detox your body from toxins and negative thoughts, to find your balance to relax, or even to heal your body & soul.

Choose a Retreat to get in shape or a Teacher training to get certified and experience Greece differently!

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

6 Days “oss“ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Camp in Greece

This is an adventurous camp for those who would like to improve their skills in martial arts or those who want to learn BJJ.


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Heal yourself and others

8Days Theta Healing® Basic&Advance Training, and Yoga Retreat

This is a healing retreat, within a short time you will learn how to change your old limiting beliefs to new beneficial to you and observe dramatic changes in your every day life.


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Come and start your very own fitness lifestyle

6 Days Re-Boost personal training Retreat with Yoga

This retreat will enable you to enjoy beautiful moments in nature, fun activities, and effective workouts.


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Goddess Retreat

4 Day Aphrodite Goddess Beach Retreat in Zakynthos

This is a unique women-only fitness and yoga retreat inspired by the ancient Greek goddess, Aphrodite, for a healthy, beautiful body, and a mind full of confidence.


Gravity Exercise Studio

We introduce our base Gravity gym, just opposite the beach our facility offers high-level training with a sea view, popular gym equipment, and friendly coaches. Join a group or private training with us anytime.


  • Technogym machines
  • Technogym free weights
  • Fitness machines
  • Concept 2 row
  • Kinesis one
  • EMS electrostimulation



  • Tatami & laminate floors
  • Spinning bikes
  • Kick Boxing equipment
  • Group exercise equipment
  • Yoga equipment
  • Pilates equipment

Daily fitness & well-being classes

Daily MMA & BJJ classes

Who we are?

Meet the team


Teacher of physical education , personal trainer , Pilates & yoga instructor, energy healer.

Tati is a teacher of physical education and Sports science specialized in gymnastics, sports and tourism, and people with health problems or disabilities. She is an experienced Pilates instructor and participates in many teacher training sessions. Tati is also a Yoga instructor for all ages, health problems, levels and styles. The last few years she has been an Energy Healer and life coach. Having more than 12yrs of experience in the fitness & wellbeing industry she trained many famous clients who visited Greece. She is organizing teacher trainings, holistic health programs, thematic weekends, transformative workshops and life changing experiences. She designed her own training programs & detoxification plans, fitness classes, training methods and she has been invited as a speaker for health retreats and alternatives tourism in Aristotele university in Greece.


Personal trainer, ICG indoor cycling instructor, TRX instructor, group exercise leader, lifeguard, football player.

Dimitris is a personal trainer, certified group fitness instructor, ICG instructor, TRX coach, lifeguard and football player. He trains people of all ages and levels for overall health and general body transformation. He specialized in vip personal training, weight training, weight loss programs, functional training, endurance programs, knees & back recovery training, fitness group training, TRX suspension training and EMS electrostimulation. He has training experience as a fitness coach for footballers, kids & adults. Dimitris will help you to achieve your goals and plan your fitness lifestyle.


BJJ champion, black belt, and certified MMA coach. Personal trainer and Group leader and ICG indoor cycling instructor.

Dennis is a famous “Black belt” professional Athlete in Brazilian jiu jitsu, a personal trainer and an experienced coach in Mixed Martial Arts. He trains many professional athletes, and MMA practitioners of all ages. As a coach & personal trainer he can offer a top level training that will help you to improve your athletic performance through multidimensional training and recovery. He specializes in body transformations, strength training, sports nutrition, body building & group training. Dennis has his own group of local athletes & fitness clients but he is still an active athlete that travels worldwide for seminars & championships.

You can enjoy all retreat at you place!

Please contact with us: info@zantefitness.com

Host a service at your accommodation!

Please contact with us: info@zantefitness.com

Are you a yoga or fitness instructor?

Come with your group Host your retreat with us.!